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Sports Media

October 25, 2010

I would say the majority of my sports media intake comes from the internet.  I check sites like,, and regularly to see the top stories and latest news.  I’ll read the occasional column from ESPN, something by Simmons or Reilly or something that looks interesting.

I don’t get too much sports information from blogs, only the occasional link from a Yahoo! headline.  I’d never checked twitter before this week, and I doubt I’ll become a regular, but I’ll admit following Bill Simmons’s tweets during the Pats game was entertaining.  Oh, and I guess I was one of the first people to see Paul Pierce’s new tattoo.

Aside from the internet, I get a decent amount of information from television.  Most of this comes in the form of game broadcasts and recaps, although my roommate and I will throw on the NFL network on occasion to get some updates.  My sports media intake from television would be much higher (and is when I’m home) if Tufts provided ESPN in its dorms.  It’s the lack of ESPN that’s pushed me more towards the internet I’d say, as I even watch a good number of college football games on ESPN3.

Most of my print intake comes from the occasional magazine that’ll come in the mail or a quick peek at the sports section in the Tufts Daily.  That’s pretty much it for paper though.

I don’t have a smart phone or anything like that so the closest I get to sports media on my phone is texts about the games from my dad or stepdad.

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  1. lkoest02 permalink
    October 26, 2010 3:36 pm

    There appears to be a trend in which people like reading about sports on the internet, but no one likes Twitter. I wonder if it’s because websites provide fast access to important facts and details while Twitter provides instantaneous access to every minute detail.

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